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Non Surgical Weight Loss Therapy

Experience the transformation with our non-surgical weight loss therapy, a game-changer in health and wellness. This approach leverages state-of-the-art technology to help you achieve your weight loss goals without invasive surgical procedures. With our therapy, you can enjoy the benefits of effective weight loss minus the risks associated with surgery.

Our key tool in non-surgical weight loss is Invisa-Red. This breakthrough technology utilizes low-level laser therapy to target and reduce excess fat in the body. It is completely non-invasive and designed with your comfort and safety in mind. With Invisa-Red, you can take a major step towards a healthier, and slimmer you simply and safely. Embrace the future of weight loss with our non-surgical weight loss therapy. Are you ready to start your journey towards a better you?

Discover Invisa-RED™ Non-Surgical Weight Loss

What is Invisa-RED™?

Invisa-RED™ is a revolutionary non-surgical weight loss solution that has reshaped the landscape of body slimming procedures. This cutting-edge device leverages low-level laser therapy's power to facilitate weight reduction and fat loss. Unlike traditional weight loss procedures, Invisa-RED™ is completely non-invasive.

This means no needles, no incisions, and certainly no recovery time. It's a clinically proven technology that targets and eliminates excess body fat without involving stringent diet plans or rigorous exercise regimens. Simply put, Invisa-RED™ offers an effortless and safe approach to achieving your weight loss goals.

Clinical Trial Results

Body Fat % Lost: 1.77% avg.
Pounds of Body Fat Lost: 4.53 lbs. avg.
Pounds of Fat Lost per week: 1.51 lbs. avg.
Fat Energy Metabolized per treatment: 1,761.66 calories avg.
Inches Lost: 10.16 inches avg.
Success Rate: 100%
Adverse Reactions: 0

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How Invisa-RED™ Works

Invisa RED Coherent Laser Wavelengths

Dual Coherent Laser Wavelengths

Invisa-RED™ uses dual coherent laser wavelengths at 680nm and 980nm, a scientific approach to supercharge your metabolism and stimulate fat cells. This unique combination of wavelengths precisely targets the adipose tissues, causing the fat cells to release intra-cellular fat, water, and toxins. The so-called 'fat melting' effect is a natural process wherein the cells shrink, leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected. The mobilized fat, water, and toxins are then metabolized through the body's natural processes.

Natural Metabolic Process

The released fat is converted into a form of energy through a process known as ATP synthesis. ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is often referred to as the "energy currency" of the cells. The fat-derived energy is readily available for the body to use, promoting efficient metabolism and weight loss. The metabolic process also leads to the eliminating of waste products, including carbon dioxide, which is expelled from the body through respiration. Concurrently, the water and toxins are excreted through urine and sweat, further aiding in detoxification and weight loss.

Skin Tightening Benefits

In addition to facilitating non-surgical weight loss, Invisa-RED™ treatments have significant skin tightening benefits. Laser therapy stimulates collagen and elastin production, two key proteins that maintain skin elasticity and firmness. The enhanced production of these proteins results in tightened skin, effectively combatting loose or saggy skin that often accompanies significant weight loss. Thus, Invisa-RED™ not only helps you lose weight and ensures a toned, firmer appearance after treatment.

Treatment Plan

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Number of Treatments

The Invisa-RED™ non-surgical weight loss therapy is typically initiated with a focus on the first 20 pounds of body fat. Generally, around twenty-four treatments are required to achieve this initial weight loss goal. However, it's important to note that additional treatments will be recommended if your goal is to lose more than 20 pounds of fat. The exact number of treatments needed can vary depending on individual body composition and weight loss goals.

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Personalized Treatment

Invisa-RED™ therapy is not one-size-fits-all. The number of sessions varies based on individual needs. Consultation with a clinician is crucial for your non-surgical weight loss journey. During this, your clinician will evaluate your body, listen to your goals, and determine the sessions needed. Get a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Contact us to start achieving your weight loss goals!

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No Downtime and Comfort

One of the key advantages of Invisa-RED™ non-surgical weight loss therapy is that there is no downtime. Unlike surgical procedures, non-invasive treatments do not require recovery time, meaning you can return to normal activities immediately after each session.

The Invisa-RED™ treatments are not just non-surgical and non-invasive—it's also a pleasant and relaxing experience. Many clients compare the sensation to a soothing hot stone massage. The procedure involves no discomfort or side effects, making it an appealing choice for those seeking an effortless and stress-free solution to weight loss.


After achieving your weight loss goals through Invisa-RED™ non-surgical weight loss therapy, it's essential to maintain your new physique. Maintenance involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, but you can also enhance and retain your results with our selection of aesthetic services.

Our aesthetics services are not just about enhancing your appearance—they're about boosting your confidence and helping you maintain the results you've achieved with Invisa-RED™ therapy. Reach out to us to learn how our aesthetic services can be incorporated into your post-weight loss maintenance plan.

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